Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater

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Imagine instantly getting a warm shower as the washing machine is running? That is what you get with a point of use tankless water heater.

If there is a point in your home where you do not get the water flow at the desired temperature, this water heater is all you need.

Below we look at the best point of use tankless water heaters and highlight some of the features that make them tick.

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What Is the Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater?

The best point of use tankless water heater is Rheem Residential Tankless Water Heater.

It comes with an adjustable digital thermostatic control that features an LED display with an accuracy of +/1 degrees.

The unit is equipped with two durable heating elements and a self-modulating power control.

According to the manufacturer, the unit is 99.8% energy efficient and equipped with a water saving shower head delivering 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

A-List of the Best Point of Use Water Heaters

If Rheem Residential Tankless Water Heater above doesn’t sound like the real deal to you, then below are some other great alternatives you can choose from.

Bosch Tronic 3000 T4 Gallon Mini Heater

Bosch Tronic 3000 T4 Gallon Mini Heater

This Bosch heater is perfect if you are looking for a compact water heater that you can conveniently tuck under your sink.

Despite its small size, this heater delivers enough water for a quick shower or wash a few dishes.

Other notable features include a 6.8 GPH rate of recovery, a water pressure range of 150 psi, and 4-gallon water holding capacity.

The heater runs on electricity and requires 12 amps, 120 volts of power.

This unit is fitted with CFC-free foam insulation, so no heat is lost to the outside. It is also lined using glass material for enhanced durability.

You do not necessarily need to mount this mini heater on the wall.

You can leave it on the floor or place it on a shelf, so it is easy to move to any other location where you need hot water.

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Stiebel Eltron 120V Water Heater

This Stiebel Eltron instant water heater is close to 50% more efficient when compared to most tanked water heaters.

The heater is rated 3000-watts and uses 120 volts power, so you do not need to change to a 240V circuit, and you get hot water immediately you turn the tap on.

This on-point water heater is fitted with a copper heat exchanger that enhances its efficiency.

It also comes with hydraulic controls so it can run quietly, and you can use it without disturbing the rest of your household.

This heater unit also has a flow reducer cum aerator. It is also one of the most affordable units in this list of the best point of use tankless water heater.

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet efficient at point tankless heater for your sink, this unit is ideal.

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Thermoflow UT10 2.6-Gallons water heater

This Thermoflow creation comes with a mini tank that will hold enough water for a shower.

While the 2.6 gallons water tank is not enough to serve your entire home, this unit is a great choice for that sink that doesn’t get enough hot water in your home.

The water heater comes with a 15AMP double-pole breaker, Thermostop function, and 2.6 GPM.

To ensure energy efficiency, the mini tank is fitted with EPS foaming technology.

With the inbuilt thermostat, you can select the temperature you desire.

You also have the option of switching to energy-saving mode or frost protection for those cold days.

The Thermostop circuit in this heater is designed to ensure that your water doesn’t heat above a certain temperature. You are guaranteed of consistent service and safety where scalding is concerned.

Ecosmart P0U 6

Ecosmart P0U 6

This is another reasonably priced tankless water heater you can get for your home if you do not get enough warm water in all areas you would like.

The unit is built with low flow applications in mind and will work well for 1GPM flow or lower.

The tank is so compact that it will fit in a small cabinet, under the sink, or any other area close to the water source.

It is perfect for wet bars, bathrooms, medical offices, and recreational vehicles, to mention but a few.

This Ecosmart POU comes with a digital display, so it is easy to tell the water output temperature.

At a 35 F temperature, the heater can deliver over 1.07 GPM, and this amount will fall as the temperature rises.

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Camplux ME25

Camplux ME25

The Camplux ME25 comes with a 2.5-gallon capacity, a thermostat function, and freeze protection.

This unit will raise your temperature form 50-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a thermostat, you get to easily determine your water temperature.

The higher your choice, the more the energy required to heat the water to that temperature.

Since water is held within the small tank, you do not need to wait to get your water to the temperature you want.

The free-protection feature also makes this a perfect addition in areas that experience extremely cold weather.

This heater can either be wall or floor mounted.

Installation is easy, and you do not need to do a recirculation to have the heater up and running.

If you want the best point of use tankless water heater for your garage, patio, or any outdoor station, the Camplux ME25 is an ideal choice.

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How Point-of-Use Water Heaters Work

In your home water heating system, water is usually drawn into the heater for heating before you can access it in the hot water tap.

In the case of the tankless point of use heater, the water is heated as the water passes through it towards the tap.

These heaters are called point-of-use because they are fitted under the sink or close to the plumbing fixture.

Since it is tankless, no water is retained inside the tank, making this a more energy-efficient option.

Types of Point-of-use Tankless Water Heaters on the market

There are three points you can install these water heaters in your home. For each of these points, there is a different type made to match the need at this point.

Point of Use Tankless Heater for Shower

This one comes with a higher flow rate when compared to the other varieties.

It is installed as close to the destination as possible to ensure that you get a steady flow of water immediately you turn the shower on.

Keep the number of people who will be using the heater within a certain time in mind when shopping for a point of use heater for the shower/bathroom.

An ideal option should be able to deliver a consistent flow of hot water for four minutes, which is the average time for a quick shower.

Point of Use Tankless Heater for Washing Machine

This is a good addition if you are looking to save on energy.

Since a washing machine requires hot water, this heater will ensure enough of it whenever necessary.

Even if you do only two laundry loads every week, the washing machine point of use will save you anything between 2&5% in energy bills.

To decide which size of these water heaters is ideal for your washing machine, consider your household needs.

A larger heater will ensure that you get instant hot water for each load without overworking your unit.

Point of Use Tankless Heater for Sink

Whenever there is a sink, you can install this heater and enjoy instant and flawless hot water.

This variety can also be installed in outdoor areas where you may occasionally require hot water.

You need to keep your water pressure in mind when shopping for a point of use heater.

Some varieties will not function as efficiently at certain pressures, so you need to be sure that the unit you buy will work for you.

Point-of-Use Tankless Heater Installation

Installing this heater is easy, and if you have all the necessary tools, you can have it working in an hour or less.

The smaller units use 120v while the larger varieties run on 240v, so you need to ensure that you have the right outlet to match your heater.

For propane and natural gas-powered point of use tankless water heaters, you may need to also install a venting facility that takes out the waste gas from your house.

Since your tank’s performance, to a large extent, depends on installation, you may need to get a professional to complete the process for you.

Advantages of a Point of Use Water Heater

Instant Results

Are you busy and don’t have the time to wait for your water to heat? This heater will ensure that you have hot water when you need it.

No Water Wastage

You don’t have to pour gallons of water in order to get your water to the desired temperature.

Since water is heater at the point of use, you get it at your outlet in just a few seconds.

Complement Your Central Heating

If yours is a large house, this heater will ensure that you still get hot water in that tap on the other side of the house.

Decentralizing your heating system will mean that you save on water and reduce/eliminate wait time.

Final Thoughts on Best Point of Use Water Heater

Finding the best point of use tankless water heater can be a lot of work, but we hope that our recommendations will make your work easier.

You can get more than one unit and fit them in different parts of your house.

With this heater, you can kiss, waiting for water to heat before a shower goodbye.

This is a more efficient heating option that will make it easy for you to save on water and power. (Source)