5 Best Shower Head Heaters and their Benefits

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Showerhead heaters are easy to install and use tankless devices that quickly heat water on demand. Most of them are flow-activated, and it will only do the heating when there is sufficient water flow. Typical systems have a pressure-controlled mechanical switch. When the inlet water has enough pressure, it pushes the switch contact that completes the circuit that energizes the heating coil.

shower head heater

As the cold water passes the compartment with the electric coil, the hot element will heat it. The hot water temperature is dependent on the volume of water and flow rate. If you open up a lot of water, the temperature does not go very high. However, if you open a small amount of water flow to just activate the heating coil, you may be able to reach a higher temperature. 

As such, you need to determine the best point that gives you a comfortable temperature. Additionally, most shower head heaters have two or three settings that you can adjust using a mechanical switch on the device.

Benefits of shower head water heaters

Some of the benefits of a showerhead heater include;

  • Inexpensive acquisition and installation costs
  • The purchase and installation costs are usually low
  • It is a low-cost device that requires minimum maintenance.
  • The installation does not require duplicated piping or water mixers, neither C-PVC nor copper tubes. 
  • It delivers significant water savings since the hot water is available instantly, and there is no waiting for cold water to run out first.
  • Energy savings since it only heats water when you need it.

Disadvantages of shower head heaters

Although the shower head heaters provide instant comfort at a lower energy and water consumption. The simple construction results in some challenges. These include but are not limited to safety and temperature control problems.

Temperature control

The temperature of the hot water depends on three main things. These are the temperature of the incoming cold water, the speed of the water flow, and the available electrical voltage. As such, it may not be possible to get the same temperature every time you take a shower unless the voltage, water pressure remain the same. Also, you must open the shower spigot at the same point.  

Safety risks

The showerhead heaters have some electrical risks that can lead to shocks and accidents, especially when the installation is incorrect. As such, it is important to minimize risks by ensuring that the installation is correct. If you do not have adequate experience, ensure that you engage a qualified and licensed electrician.

Best shower head heaters

With so many shower head heaters in the market, identifying the right one for your application can be a challenge. To help you make a more informed purchase decision, here are the best shower head heaters.

Lorenzetti Coral shower head heater

The Lorenzetti is a 100V electric shower head heater that provides instant hot water on demand. With a plastic external, the shower head ensures safety against leakages and electric shocks. It comes with three power settings, hence allowing you to adjust the hot water temperature according to your preferences. Additionally, it has a free arm support that and an optional mini hose feature for more flexibility. 

However, it requires a dedicated 40 Amp circuit to support the three power settings of 4.5KW, 3.2, and 1.87 KW. The 39 amp water heater delivers 0.6 gallons of water per minute and has a 4-foot hose for enhanced comfort and flexibility. It also comes with a free wall or tube support. 

Lorenzetti Coral shower head heater
Lorenzetti Coral shower head heater

Suitable for small households, RVs, and Cabins, the compact electric tankless showerhead heater has a compact design hence can fit in a wide range of spaces. 

Ideally, the water heater supports only one point of use application at a time and is suitable for small households, flats or apartments, RVs, campers, mobile homes, cabins, etc. With 0.6 gallons per minute, it can deliver up to about 40 gallons per hour while increasing the water temperature by 45 degrees.  

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Coral MAX 220V Electric Shower Head heater

Lorenzetti Coral shower head heater
Coral MAX 220V Electric Shower Head heater

The Coral Max is a reliable 220V instant showerhead heater. The durable shower head heater comes with free support, arm pipe, and tube. It also has three different power settings and a 4 foot hose for more flexibility and comfort. 

It has a special design that allows you to conceal the wiring inside the nipple housing hence resulting in a clean and safe installation. The heater comes with a free arm/support/tube for easy installation.

It has two power settings, and you can choose either 3Kw or 5.5KW.

The powerful shower head heater provides 0.8 gallons of hot water per minute or 46 gallons per hour and requires a 30 Amps circuit and breaker. It has a max power rating of 5.5KW.

The tankless water heater is suitable for poolside hot shower rinse offs RVs, cabins, and other point-of-use applications. It is a good choice for installations where you do not want to do extra piping or a large water heater.

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Finlon Electric showerhead heater

The Finlon is a reliable 5400W, 240 Volts tankless shower head heater with adjustable temperature control. It gives you a choice of a low, medium, or high temperature setting to suit your requirements. Also, the easy to install water heater delivers a large output at a fast and convenient rate. Typically, it provides an output of 0.8 gallons per minute or 46 gallons per hour.

Finlon Electric shower Head heater
Finlon Electric showerhead heater

The instant tankless water heater is suitable for cabins, poolside rinse-offs, and other similar applications. It has a reliable design with premium heat resistance and durable materials that ensure long service life.

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Funwill Automatic Electric Shower Head Heater

The Funwill is an automatic 110-220V instant hot water shower head heater. It has three adjustable settings that you can use to set your hot water at a low, medium, or high temperature. As such, it can cater to users with different preferences of hot water temperature. The heater provides a decent amount of hot water and has an internal precision control that maintains a stable output regardless of the input conditions. As such, it prevents sudden changes in the volume or temperature of the output water.

Funwill Automatic Electric Shower Head Heater
Funwill Automatic Electric Shower Head Heater

It is an easy-to-install and use device that does not require modifying your house. Also, you can use the showerhead heater that works on both 110 and 220 volts. The heater reaches a maximum of 5400W.

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iHeast AHSH 2500 Tankless heater

The iHeat AHSH 2500 showerhead heater is attractive and reliable instant water. It is a 110V, 2.5KW shower head with a Chrome finish. An all-waterproof construction helps eliminate interior moisture from getting out of the device.

The long-lasting heater has a reliable design that removes air from the heating chamber hence removing the need to replace the heating element. Since it provides hot water the instant you power it on, it allows you to save water and bills as you do not have to wait for cold water to run out first. 

Additionally, the easy-to-install water heater has a safe design with isolated and grounded electrical connections, hence reducing the risks of electric shocks. The compact showerhead heater is suitable for a wide range of applications including in houses, RVs, boats, campers, poolside and similar areas.

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